Automate Business Processes

Making full and efficient use of electronic documents means automating business processes across the organization, eliminating paper and manual steps. At its most basic level, Workflow automates the acquisition, indexing, routing, approving and archiving of documents. But it can do so much more. When information is locked up on paper, it can’t easily be shared or accessed. Multiple delays get baked into the fabric of the organization, keeping employees and members waiting—something fewer every day are willing to do. By adding Workflow, FASTdocs users eliminate paper shuffling and quickly boost ROI.

  • Gives credit unions a Visual Designer to quickly model entire processes with all their moving parts—documents, tasks, and users.
  • Models become action steps, with built-in notifications and real-time management oversight tools.
  • Virtual checklists of documents ensure that every step is complete and accurate, and the completed checklists contain audit trails to ensure consistency and compliance with regulations and governance policies.

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