The Cost of Ownership Is More Complicated Than It May Appear

Credit unions wisely look to teller capture as a way to reduce check losses from return deposit items, improve member service, capture duplicate items in real time, and speed item processing times.

Credit unions considering teller capture vendors and solutions must consider many cost factors besides the obvious software licenses, training and support fees. Some of these costs are more visible and predictable, such as the need to change a teller capture solution whenever a core processor is changed. Other costs are more difficult to identify and estimate, such as the effects on employee productivity and member service during core downtimes.

Six key features of teller capture solutions that impact the true total cost of ownership over the life of the technology.

  • Transaction Validation
  • Cross-Channel Duplicate Detection
  • Scanner Support
  • System Reliability
  • Portability
  • Flexibility with Processing Partners

By including these features in a teller capture RFP or vendor evaluations, credit unions will better understand the financial investment they are considering. This white paper outlines these and other factors that may influence the total cost of a teller capture solution. 

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