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Bluepoint Solutions continuously develops research reports and white papers to keep financial institutions well informed about the most important financial industry news and research. We delve into best practice business approaches to payments, remote deposit capture, item processing, content management, and related technology solutions.

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Five Ways Document Imaging Will Help Your Credit Union Face the Future…While Generating Savings to Pay for It

In this white paper, Bluepoint Solutions offers insights and specific guidance showing how advanced document imaging in today’s credit union can equip your credit union to balance technology investments that are aimed at internal productivity goals, with those designed to boost member service levels.


The Elusive Balance Between Member Services and Internal Dynamics

Drawing on a 2014 credit union survey, and third-party research from AIIM, this report discusses best practices, common problems and industry trends in document imaging and content management. Discover ways to adjust your own business processes and make better-informed decisions about your next technology investments.


Disruption in Financial Services: Threats and Opportunities

New technologies, plus emerging Millennial preferences and expectations, are changing the financial industry landscape. Mobile devices and digital wallets, for example, are driving credit unions and banks toward new business models that threaten their traditional ways of operating. But denying these fundamental shifts is a recipe for failure. To be successful or even survive requires a continuous effort to evolve financial institution products, business models, and even cultures. This report identifies and explains the challenges facing today’s financial service providers.


Creating Value for Your Members

Closely examining the activities your employees spend time on clearly reveals how your credit union creates value for your members, and shines light on how to create more. This paper takes a deeper look at activities that can actually degrade value for members—rooting out underlying causes, and highlighting alternatives to fix these broken processes.


The True Cost of Teller Capture 

Credit unions are looking to teller capture for its ability to reduce check losses from return deposit items, improve member service, intercept duplicate items in real time, and speed item processing. This paper outlines several aspects of a teller capture solutions, including the total cost of ownership, for credit unions that are conducting a vendor evaluation or RFP process.


Are You Prepared for a Data Breach?

The risks from relying on paper storage and document management solutions are growing, and they affect both credit unions and their members. This white paper explores myriad ways in which paper-based document systems expose credit unions and members to data breaches, identity theft, fraud and other hazards.


Enterprise Content Management for Regulatory Compliance 

This white paper explores how enterprise content management (ECM) is being used in the healthcare industry to address regulatory compliance requirements, and applies these best practice lessons to credit unions and other financial institutions. You can take advantage of the ten years of experience reported as you face the now-similarly stringent regulations and compliance failure penalties in financial services.


The Future of Mobile Banking 

Leveraging research and data from multiple sources, including the Federal Reserve and Forrester, Javelin and Pew, this white paper documents the disruptive and transformative impact that smartphones, tablets, and mobile banking have had on traditional banking models, including the growing importance of the self-service channel.


Cheating with Checks: An Update on the changing check fraudscape

Check volumes continue to drop, and that’s good news for banks and credit unions, but they’ll be with us for many years. And they still represent a significant source of dollar losses—still nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars a year—affecting 90% of financial institutions. This white paper, the third biennial update in a series from Bluepoint Solutions, analyzes the most recent research and industry data, and concludes that crossing check fraud off the executive to-do list is both premature and perilous.


In-House Item Processing 

Since the introduction of the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check21) in 2004, fully 97% percent of all deposits are now transmitted electronically for clearing. This white paper describes the benefits of bringing item processing in-house, including cost savings, increased control, greater flexibility, enhanced member service, stronger fraud prevention, better risk management and smoother internal operations.