5 Operational Improvements: Create Savings by Cutting Waste and Enabling Employees to Do More

Many credit unions today are planning to improve their bottom line by adding revenue from various sources such as higher non-interest fees. But what about the opposite strategy of reducing operational expenses?

Chances are that one look around your credit union will reveal that a lot of paper is still being shuffled around, even though you manage your documents electronically, and you may have made significant efforts to eliminate cumbersome processes. A recent survey actually found that three-quarters of credit unions still rely on paper. And two-thirds continue to report operational inefficiencies related to the way they manage content.

Bluepoint experts discuss key industry best practices for managing documents and electronic content that your credit union can start applying immediately to improve your operational efficiency. Topics include:

  • How to examine current practices and uncover the sources of hidden paper waste
  • How and where paper can be reduced or eliminated altogether
  • Five quick operational “fixes” that will reduce paper-handling inefficiencies
  • Ways to boost employee efficiency and leverage technology to improve member service

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