How Digitizing Paper Remittances and Deposits Can Relieve Bottlenecks and Boost Productivity

Moving from a manual or outsourced system to an in-house, automated check remittance and deposit processing solution can save money by eliminating outsourcing fees and reducing labor costs. And it can enhance member service by providing fast, accurate payment and deposit processing.

ImagePoint Mailroom offers a simple, affordable way to scan, sort, apply and split remittances and deposits, validate the data, then export it for clearing, posting and archival. The system requires minimal training, so any of your staff can quickly and easily process remittances from any workstation connected to a scanner. ImagePoint Mailroom handles any type of remittance, such as home and auto loan payments, credit card payments and leases for your institution or on behalf of your depositing merchants.

In this webcast, Bluepoint Solutions discusses the value to your financial institution of modernizing and automating your back-office remittance and deposit processing, and demonstrates ImagePoint Mailroom.

  • How lockbox/mailroom remittance processing is typically done today
  • The benefits of bringing remittance processing in-house if you currently outsource
  • The benefits of moving from a manual to a highly automated processing system
  • How using an in-house remittance processing solution can help you to grow
  • How ImagePoint Mailroom fits with your other capture points
  • Types of payments and remittances the system handles
  • How the system reduces downstream errors, exceptions and adjustments

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