How to Reduce Fraud Losses in Real-Time

Even with check usage declining, credit unions struggle to find effective ways to protect their members from losses due to returned items, counterfeits and forgeries. Fraudsters continue to target checks and their widely known vulnerabilities. In fact, 87% of organizations surveyed for the 2013 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey reported check fraud attempts.

Returns, forgeries and counterfeits each account for 30% of all check fraud losses. The proliferation of remote deposit capture has also created a new threat for credit unions with the risk of multiple presentment of a single item to multiple institutions.

In this webcast, Bluepoint Solutions discusses how credit unions can find the balance between making technology and operational changes to gain efficiency, and dealing with the new potential fraud risks. We discuss several related topics that can help you combat these threats.

  • Up-to-date best practices in check fraud reduction
  • Real time and batch fraud detection solutions
  • Preventing fraudulent checks from crossing the teller line and entering the item processing workflow
  • How to empower tellers to stop check fraud at the source
  • The best time to apply Reg CC check holds to prevent losses

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