Flexible Check Capture Suite Speeds Deposits, Simplifies Operations, and Prevents Fraud  

Bluepoint offers a full array of Check21 compliant, image-based check capture solutions. With our integrated approach, credit unions can easily produce electronic cashletters that include items from all points of presentment—mobile, in-branch, and remote. Members appreciate faster deposit availability, while credit unions reap the benefits of streamlined processing, transmission and research capabilities. At the same time, our integrated, cross-channel duplicate detection and fraud modules provide check loss protection. Get more information about check payment processing and fraud prevention here

Making sure that all of your check capture points are covered is the best way to position your credit union to meet current and future member needs. Although mobile deposits are gaining popularity, up to 90% of teller transactions remain check-based. Credit unions, especially those with widespread membership or large indirect loan portfolios, also receive quantities of mailed-in check deposits and payments. And your business members still receive many customer payments by check. These check transactions will continue to affect credit union operations for many years to come, and Bluepoint’s integrated approach will continue to evolve as the environment changes.

Read on to learn about flexible solutions for these seven capture points:


QwikDeposit ToGo

Increase Member Acquisition, Engagement and Retention

A strong mobile-first strategy, including mobile remote deposit, is no longer a nice-to-have service but a definite member expectation. QwikDeposit ToGo from Bluepoint Solutions is a proven mobile deposit solution that can be integrated with most mobile banking platforms, and can be implemented either in-house or in a hosted version. Credit unions can defend against fraud by incorporating their own deposit and item amount limits and other business rules. This allows the system to determine member eligibility and require central review before accepting deposits. Make mobile deposit part of your engagement strategy to attract Millennials and other tech-savvy members who may never visit a branch.

  • Gives members an ultra-convenient way to make deposits on the go
  • ·Secures transactions with user authentication and audit capabilities
  • Catches potential fraud when duplicate deposits are offered
  • Safeguards credit unions with customizable deposit limits and tier groups
  • Deploys as a standalone or integrated solution, either in-house or hosted

QwikDeposit Pro

Extend Remote Services to Business Members

Your business members still receive many check payments from their customers, which means disruptive trips to the branch and delayed availability of funds. QwikDeposit Pro from Bluepoint Solutions is a mid- to large-volume check image capture solution that places multi-check scanners right at the business location. Businesses appreciate that the system is browser-based, supports multiple accounts for deposit, and automatically walks them through any necessary corrections before transmitting items for clearing. Deposits are quick and accurate, and the system is easy to manage and customize, requiring very little costly maintenance. Help your business members focus on running their business, not on making deposit runs.

  • Deploys easily, and is simple to learn, navigate and maintain
  • Uses intuitive administrative dashboard controls
  • Conducts automatic CAR/LAR and OCR MICR line repair to reduce manual repairs
  • Allows sophisticated business rules to set deposit amounts and transaction volume
  • Flags individual deposits for financial institution review before acceptance
  • Provides reports in third party formats such as PDF and CSV

ImagePoint ATM

Leverage Image-Enabled ATMs to Speed Deposits

The ATM channel continues to grow, meeting consumer demands for round-the-clock access and self-service convenience. ImagePoint ATM integrates with image-enabled ATMs to capture check images and transaction data. If necessary, it places items into a review and correction queue before adding them to the credit union’s consolidated cashletter for clearing. As your ATM network grows, leverage its image capabilities to speed deposits, while cutting costs by eliminating frequent ATM service trips.

  • Enables same-day deposits with real-time transmission of image files for clearing
  • Makes check images at the ATM available for institution-wide research in real-time
  • Streamlines item adjustments, increasing employee efficiency
  • Boosts member service and satisfaction by automating notifications



ImagePoint Teller

Capture Checks at the Teller Line

Accepting checks right at the teller line increases heads-up time, so tellers can actively contribute more to member relationships. ImagePoint Teller is a universal check imaging solution that lets tellers scan check deposits so they are immediately ready for item processing. Because tellers remain balanced throughout the day, you can reduce or eliminate end-of-day balancing. And because errors, and even fraud, are easy to catch, you can reduce exception handling. ImagePoint Teller can also be used in conjunction with Receipt Manager® to efficiently generate high quality print or email receipts, all while capturing transaction data for future use. Give your tellers more time and attention to spend with members, and watch your service levels rise.

  • Works alongside any core processor or teller platform
  • Keeps tellers in balance throughout the day
  • Enables real-time validation against third party databases for RDIs and counterfeit deposits, alerting tellers while members are still present
  • Reduces exception handling and resulting teller overtime

ImagePoint ITM

Add Real-time Check Capture to Interactive Teller Machines

Consumer preferences and expectations are evolving and savvy credit unions are responding. One way to transform the branch experience is to add video tellers. ImagePoint ITM is designed specifically to integrate with Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), incorporating check deposits directly into the item processing workflow. Credit unions can more cost-effectively staff their branches when tellers can serve multiple locations from a central location. Complete your ITMs and video teller service with real-time check capture and transmission.  

  • Powers the branch of the future by adding full service to off-prime hours and any location
  • Draws on existing NCR image quality assurance to minimize up-front investment
  • Supports the same business rules for review as all other capture points
  • Adds the power of efficient real-time item processing to the savings produced by ITM technology
  • Removes “On-Us” items automatically

ImagePoint Mailroom

Streamline Mailed-in Deposits and Payments

Credit unions receive many types of paper remittances—home and auto loan payments, credit card payments, leases, individual member deposits and business members’ customer payments. ImagePoint Mailroom is an affordable way to scan, sort, apply and split payments and deposits, immediately validate the data, and then export it for clearing, posting and archiving. Any credit union staff member can quickly and easily process items from any workstation with a connected scanner. Ideal for credit unions with large mail volumes, extensive indirect loan portfolios (also see our PayAnyware ACH solution) and widely dispersed members.

  • Operates in a secure cloud with no software to install or maintain
  • Eliminates any outsourcing fees for mail-in processing
  • Automatically validates items, posting 90% or more of items received
  • Facilitates powerful searches for locating best matches for un-validated items
  • Eliminates mailroom bottlenecks—any user, regardless of location, can process remittances
  • Simple, flexible and easy to learn and use

ImagePoint Branch

Productivity Basics Begin with Branch Capture

Adding a technically superior branch capture solution for Check21-compliant, image-based check clearing is a good starting point for many credit unions. ImagePoint Branch offers an economical way to scan checks, at the back counter or after hours, and transmit them for further automated processing. And because ImagePoint Branch is part of our integrated solutions set, you’ll find that upgrading to the sophisticated capabilities of ImagePoint Teller will be smooth sailing. Over a thousand institutions of all sizes have incorporated ImagePoint Branch technology into their operations. Cover the basics with a robust, comprehensive branch capture solution.

  • Enables teller scan of daily deposited items
  • Proofs, balances, corrects and transmits an automatic, error-free electronic file
  • ·Handles electronic presentment at the branch, both back-counter and back-office
  • Replaces older, outdated systems with a cost-effective alternative
  • Integrates seamlessly with all other capture point

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