Improve Teller Operations, Member Response Times, and Business Intelligence

All teller systems produce some type of receipt at the end of a transaction, but printing a receipt is only a baseline function. Bluepoint Solutions goes beyond the baseline with two related solutions. Receipt Manager® lets tellers capture signatures and identification, and can then either print or email customized member receipts. All this information becomes retrievable by any authorized employee at any branch. Transaction Manager adds enhanced research and reporting functions that can help you quickly identify strategic opportunities and make powerful business decisions in record time. Harness the valuable data in every teller transaction to not only increase efficiency and service levels, but to bring management decisions into focus.

  • Interfaces seamlessly with your core processor or your teller platform
  • Offers an email option for members, cutting down on paper and waste
  • Makes data available in real-time for research and member inquiries
  • Shares data directly with FASTdocs
  • Pairs perfectly with ImagePoint Tellerfor complete transaction records

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