Roll Out the Red Carpet with Digital Account Opening

Digital account opening—especially smartphones and tablets—is the wave of the future for any credit union that wants to attract and retain today’s tech-savvy members. But putting out a mobile account ‘welcome mat’ isn’t much help if they can’t get through the front door, and industry data shows that 8 out of 10 people who try to open an account from a mobile device abandon the attempt. OpenAnyware takes a different approach. By using existing information sources and requiring less data input, the time from start to finish is dropped to a scant four minutes or less. This cuts abandonment rates in half and gives new members a taste of what the credit union experience means. And because their new accounts can be funded immediately as part of the same seamless process, members become instantly engaged. We know digital account opening is booming—capture this opportunity by removing the obstacles to mobile account opening with OpenAnyware.

  • Account opening from any leading mobile device, as well as for members online, and for employees, both in-branch or in out the community
  • Imports data directly from government-issued identification, mobile phone carriers, and mobile device GPS data Facilitates funding with credit card imaging, eliminating lag time while members wait for confirmations or transfers
  • Offers automated e-notices by email, text, or from within home banking
  • Proven solution in use by financial institutions nationwide, powered by Gro Solutions, Inc.

Watch this quick video to learn more about how OpenAnyware will help your credit union multiply new account growth.