Educational Programs for Credit Unions and banks

Bluepoint Solutions produces a series of educational webcasts that explores the technology issues facing financial institutions today.  Often presented in conjunction with respected industry experts and other financial institutions, these webcasts aim to present the best practices for deploying a wide range to technology solutions.

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Current On-demand Webcasts:

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High Uptake Digital Account Opening: how to get there now

These are goals and trends driving change for financial institutions. Four out of five already offer digital account opening, or plan offer it within a year. The pressure is on to get there fast. But with high abandonment rates so far (35-80% according to MobileStrategyPartners) for digital opening, it’s clear that attention to execution and detail are as critical as speed. What’s the key to getting it right for your institution?


How a One-Branch Credit Union Can Become an Industry Leader in Just 3 Years

UMe Federal Credit Union is outperforming its peers in lending, member growth, asset growth, and mobile adoption. This one-hour session features a discussion about the challenges facing credit unions from within and among financial institutions generally. It also offers insight into ways institutions of any size can differentiate themselves in a rapidly shifting market.


Turning an IT Cost Center into an Income Center

Recent innovations in document imaging and electronic signature empower credit unions to improve operations and member service levels, but reduce costs by automating and integrating workflows. This one-hour session features a discussion of how Cabrillo Credit Union has successfully completed a strategic document imaging initiative to meet its business goals.


Increase Employee Efficiency Today: 5 Operational Improvements

Fully 63% of credit unions experience operational inefficiencies attributed to paper documents. This one-hour session presents five key industry best practices for managing documents and electronic content that your credit union can start applying immediately.


Leveraging Mobile Technology to Reach the Underbanked

So-called “underserved” consumers represent a significant growth opportunity for credit unions looking to expand their membership base. This one-hour session features a discussion of how Hope Credit Union successfully used mobile banking apps, mobile deposit, and community outreach programs to bring banking services to the underserved.


Keys to Improving Teller Efficiency

As new self-service options such as mobile deposit and Check 21-enabled ATMs grow in popularity, the role of the teller has switched from processing transactions to building relationships. This one-hour session features current best practices in teller operations, and strategies to get the most out of your frontline staff.


Driving the Cost out of Checks: Reducing Check Fraud in Real-Time

Check fraud starts at the teller line and is one of the largest challenges facing financial service organizations today. This one-hour session features a discussion of the best practices in check fraud reduction, information on Reg CC holds to prevent losses, and advice on how to prevent fraudulent checks from crossing the teller line and entering the item processing workflow.


Gain Control of Your Item Processing 

Check21 and image-based item processing have evolved since their inception, and credit unions are taking advantage of the technology to gain efficiencies and cut costs. This one-hour session discusses the results of Bluepoint Solutions’ comprehensive study of item processing, presenting items directly to the Federal Reserve, and implementing in-house systems. 


Automate Back-Office Processing with ImagePoint Mailroom

Credit unions can eliminate outsourcing fees and reduce labor costs by moving from a manual or outsourced system to an in-house, automated check remittance and deposit processing solution. This one-hour session features a discussion of the value of modernizing and automating your back-office remittance and deposit processing, and includes a demonstration of Bluepoint’s ImagePoint Mailroom solution.