Part 1 of a 5-Part Series about capturing wasted resources in unexpected places

Credit unions are growing—individually, and industry-wide. More than one out of three Americans—over 100M total—is a credit union member. A new generation of potential members is reaching financial maturity and looking for home and auto financing, investment options, payment services and other everyday transaction assistance. Emerging technology and soaring adoption rates of smartphones and social media have revolutionized how they choose their financial providers—and therefore how you must attract and retain this new business. Fortunately, the community-focused nature of credit unions is in lockstep with the sensibilities of this virtually untapped and underbanked younger demographic. These are exciting times for credit unions, poised for explosive growth.

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The next article in this series examines the fractured storage in place at many credit unions, uncovering ways to align your business practices with your member-oriented operations.

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