Originally published by Credit Union Times on May 6, 2014

By Michael Muckian

Uncovering operational solutions that increase efficiency and improve employee performance often begins with reducing the paper currently cluttering credit union offices and branches, according to presenters at a May 6 Bluepoint Solutions webinar on the topic.

“Finding hidden paper and paper-related inefficiencies is the key to better content management,” said webinar host Alissa Fry-Harris, marketing and events manager for the Henderson, Nev., financial technology software company. “And yet, many credit unions haven’t adapted their technology to the new 24/7 environment.”

According to the Association of Information and Image Management, enterprise content management is a set of tools and methods that allow an organization to obtain, organize, store and deliver information crucial to its operation. Its objective is to streamline access, eliminate bottlenecks, optimize security, maintain integrity and minimize overhead.

Fry-Harris and fellow Bluepoint executives Brett Willard, VP of corporate management solutions, and Mario Coronado, VP of customer solutions outlined five specific strategies to improve credit union employee productivity through better content management.

Presenters agreed that being able to find all member information in one, easily accessible place is a great start. Yet many credit unions complain of a variety of content management inefficiencies and operational pain points, largely because 79% of those polled have not reviewed or updated their systems in more than three years.

Evaluating your system’s capabilities again evolving credit unions needs is the first step, presenters said. Here are other strategies to try.

1. Add a document scanner to every workstation.

Few things are more inefficient than amassing stacks of documents only to scan them into a central data system every few hours or at the end of a workday. Documents should be scanned and, more importantly, auto-indexed by appropriate title or subject at the point of acceptance. The method provides immediate online access to those documents and reduces duplicate efforts needed to handle all that paper more than once, presenters said.

However, member-facing staff such as tellers and loan officers should take care not to create a head’s-down environment in which more attention is paid to processing documents than it is to interacting with members. The purpose of improving efficiencies is to be able to spend more, not less time interacting with members. However, anything that helps credit unions avoid delayed scanning aids content management efficiencies.