Flexible Check Capture Gives Banks a New Competitive Edge   

Remaining profitable in the banking industry today requires consistent attention to productivity and loss prevention, while meeting the changing demands of your customers and prospective customers. An essential building block in this equation is the ability to capture check deposits efficiently using best-in-class technology.

Bluepoint offers a full array of Check21 compliant, image-based check capture solutions. With our integrated approach, banks can easily produce electronic cashletters that include items from all points of presentment—mobile, in-branch, and remote. Banks reap the benefits of enhanced processing, transmission and research capabilities, and their customers enjoy quicker, error-free deposits and earlier availability of funds. In addition, our integrated, cross-channel duplicate detection and fraud modules protect against check loss and errors. Find further detailed  information about check payment processing and fraud prevention here

Two of the highest-value components of our award-winning suite are mobile and teller check capture. Mobile deposit capability is fast becoming a universal expectation of tech-oriented customers, who are willing to switch their financial provider to obtain convenient services. At the same time, a high percentage of teller transactions also remain check-based. Such check transactions will continue to affect banking operations for many years to come, and Bluepoint’s integrated approach will continue to evolve as the environment changes.

Read on to learn about flexible solutions for these capture points: