Cut Back-Office Costs by Capturing Checks at the Teller Window

With ImagePoint Teller, checks are scanned right at the point of presentment, eliminating extra handling and making deposits ready for processing immediately. Tellers remain balanced throughout the day, virtually eliminating wasteful end-of-day balancing. In addition, the system automatically catches errors and even fraud, which reduces later exception handling. Significant savings will result from streamlined productivity, and as a bonus, your tellers have more time to focus on customer satisfaction. Give your tellers a tool to speed check capture, and watch your accuracy and customer throughput rise.

  • Keeps tellers in balance continuously and eliminates end-of-day delays and teller overtime
  • Enables real-time validation against third party databases for RDIs and counterfeit deposits, alerting tellers while customer are still present
  • Reduces exception handling, adjustments, and customer notifications
  • Supports virtual tickets, further reducing paper usage and expense