Capture Checks at the Teller Line

Accepting checks right at the teller line increases heads-up time, so tellers can actively contribute more to member relationships. ImagePoint Teller is a universal check imaging solution that lets tellers scan check deposits so they are immediately ready for item processing. Because tellers remain balanced throughout the day, you can reduce or eliminate end-of-day balancing. And because errors, and even fraud, are easy to catch, you can reduce exception handling. ImagePoint Teller can also be used in conjunction with Receipt Manager® to efficiently generate high quality print or email receipts, all while capturing transaction data for future use. Give your tellers more time and attention to spend with members, and watch your service levels rise.

  • Works alongside any core processor or teller platform
  • Keeps tellers in balance throughout the day
  • Enables real-time validation against third party databases for RDIs and counterfeit deposits, alerting tellers while members are still present
  • Reduces exception handling and resulting teller overtime