Take Control of Mailed-in remittances and Deposits

Banks receive many types of paper remittances—home and auto loan payments, credit card payments, leases, consumer and business deposits and payments on behalf of business customers. ImagePoint Mailroom is a streamlined way to scan, sort, apply and split payments and deposits, immediately validate the data, and then export it for clearing, posting and archiving. Any bank staff member can quickly and easily process items and payments from any workstation with a connected scanner. Ideal for banks with large mail volumes, extensive indirect loan portfolios (also see our PayAnyware ACH solution) and widely dispersed customers.

  • Operates in a secure cloud with no software to install or maintain
  • Eliminates any outsourcing fees for mail-in processing
  • Automatically validates items, posting 90% or more of items received
  • Facilitates powerful searches for locating best matches for un-validated items
  • Requires no additional headcount—any user, regardless of location, can process remittances
  • Simple, flexible and easy to learn and use