Add Real-time Check Capture to Interactive Teller Machines

Consumer preferences and expectations are evolving and savvy credit unions are responding. One way to transform the branch experience is to add video tellers. ImagePoint ITM is designed specifically to integrate with Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), incorporating check deposits directly into the item processing workflow. Credit unions can more cost-effectively staff their branches when tellers can serve multiple locations from a central location. Complete your ITMs and video teller service with real-time check capture and transmission.  

  • Powers the branch of the future by adding full service to off-prime hours and any location
  • Draws on existing NCR image quality assurance to minimize up-front investment
  • Supports the same business rules for review as all other capture points
  • Adds the power of efficient real-time item processing to the savings produced by ITM technology
  • Removes “On-Us” items automatically