Streamline Check Processing

Efficient image-based item processing is a source of significant potential savings for banks because it effectively aggregates digital check images from all capture points. ImagePoint Hub from Bluepoint Solutions automates this entire workflow. The system uses the aggregated images to create a single image cashletter for transmission to any endpoint, and simultaneously for posting to the bank’s core processor. Costly Day 2 returns are virtually eliminated as well, by means of our cross-channel, real-time duplicate detection and comprehensive Image Quality Analysis (IQA). Fully consolidate and automate your processing workflow to speed deposits and lower operating overheads.

  • Performs duplicate detection on all items across all capture points
  • Capable of transmitting multiple cashletters daily, based on number of items, combined dollar amount, or time of day
  • Offers instant access to check images for research and response to customer queries—no waiting for items to become available
  • Allows the configuration of user permissions and settings on all capture points 

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