Take Charge of Day 1 and 2 Operating Costs

Managing check routing, inclearing and returned checks have traditionally required expensive, time-consuming manual tasks. Bluepoint Solutions ImagePoint Foundation offers banks both Day 1 and Day 2 check processing that streamlines these workflows and reduces costs. The sophisticated Day 1 sort pattern studio allows banks to process checks with any desired end point with standard file types, using multiple routing schemes to optimize processing costs. Our Day 2 functionality automates and simplifies inclearing checks and returns by comparing inclearings with your core system records, rendering pay/no-pay decisions effortless and virtually instantaneous. The system also creates and sends outbound return files, so that returned items can be re-presented or accepted. ImagePoint Foundation is very easy to learn and use, with guided workflows that enhance your daily activities. Take control of item processing management with these flexible forward presentment and inclearing tools.

  • Eliminates outsourcing but does not require additional in-house staff or specialized training
  • Flexibly supports multiple cashletters, sending transit items to multiple endpoints based on customizable sort patterns
  • Combines inbound cashletters from various endpoints as well, for faster processing of inclearings
  • Scales readily to any volume of check, serving data-centers, service bureaus and correspondent institutions
  • Customers can be quickly notified about returned items

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