Take Control of Your Day 2 Operations

Managing inclearing and returned checks has long been a highly specialized task requiring manual research and processing. ImagePoint Foundation is a Day 2 system that automatically compares inclearings to a credit union’s core system, makes pay/no-pay decisions fast and easy, and creates and sends an outbound return file. Returned items can be re-presented or accepted, allowing members to be notified quickly. And the system is simple enough to become part of your daily activities. Get a better handle on your item processing with these sophisticated forward presentment and inclearing management tools.

  • Eliminates the need for outsourcing without requiring added in-house staff or specialized training
  • Provides higher-volume credit unions the flexibility to create multiple cashletters for multiple endpoints
  • Combines inbound cashletters from various endpoints for faster processing of inclearings
  • Scales readily to any volume of check, serving data-centers, service bureaus and correspondent institutions
  • Sends transit items to multiple endpoints based on customizable sort patterns

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