Productivity Basics Begin with Branch Capture

Adding a technically superior branch capture solution for Check21-compliant, image-based check clearing is a good starting point for many credit unions. ImagePoint Branch offers an economical way to scan checks, at the back counter or after hours, and transmit them for further automated processing. And because ImagePoint Branch is part of our integrated solutions set, you’ll find that upgrading to the sophisticated capabilities of ImagePoint Teller will be smooth sailing. Over a thousand institutions of all sizes have incorporated ImagePoint Branch technology into their operations. Cover the basics with a robust, comprehensive branch capture solution.

  • Enables teller scan of daily deposited items
  • Proofs, balances, corrects and transmits an automatic, error-free electronic file
  • ·Handles electronic presentment at the branch, both back-counter and back-office
  • Replaces older, outdated systems with a cost-effective alternative
  • Integrates seamlessly with all other capture point