Home City Federal Savings Bank Selects Bluepoint Solutions’ ImagePoint Teller Capture

–Bank gains real-time clearing of checks and advanced fraud detection; tellers stay in balance–

Vista, Calif. Oct. 14, 2009. Home City Federal Savings Bank announced it has extended its contract with Bluepoint Solutions to implement a teller capture and receipt manager solution at 10 teller workstations. The bank is upgrading from its current method of capturing deposited checks electronically at the branch or back office level to take advantage of real-time clearing, earlier fraud detection capabilities and workflow efficiencies.

Home City Federal Savings Bank is a savings association headquartered in Springfield, Ohio with more than $141 million in assets. A Bluepoint client since 2007, the bank cited Bluepoint’s customer service, ease-of-use and unique monthly pricing structure as the primary reasons for selecting Bluepoint for its teller capture platform. Bluepoint Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading innovator in remote deposit capture (RDC), image-based item processing and electronic document management software technology for financial institutions.

“Initially we made the decision to implement a branch capture solution to take advantage of the significant savings afforded with the passage of Check 21,” said Donna Williams, Chief Financial Officer of Home City Federal Savings Bank. “Since implementing Bluepoint’s branch capture platform, we’ve seen a substantial reduction in courier and cashletter fees. We view the migration to a teller capture platform as the logical next step to further increase the bank’s savings and workflow efficiencies. We anticipate gaining considerable savings and advantages with real-time clearing afforded by capturing at the teller line.”

Following an extensive evaluation period, the bank determined Bluepoint’s ImagePoint Teller solution was the only platform that met all its requirements.  ImagePoint Teller is designed to help financial institutions easily and efficiently capture and process checks at the earliest point-of-presentment, the teller line. This results in additional cost savings, operational efficiencies, fraud prevention possibilities and improved customer service.

“We are looking forward to the improvements we will gain in our error and fraud detection abilities,” said Williams. “Recently, a customer deposited a check with a missing signature. This was not caught and corrected until the end of the day. Had we already implemented our teller capture platform, the system would have identified the error, alerting the teller to correct the mistake immediately. Not only does this give us an added peace of mind that errors or fraudulent attempts will be reduced, it is also a  convenience to our customers who don’t need to make another trip to the bank just to sign the check.”

The bank also selected Bluepoint’s Receipt Manager module. When combined with ImagePoint Teller Capture, the solution suite provides complete integration, storage and retrieval of all transaction information, giving the bank immediate access to receipt and check images related to deposits. This significantly reduces the time needed to research customer requests for information. “Usability was a key variable during our evaluation period,” said Williams. “Bluepoint’s solution is very easy to navigate and our tellers found it much more intuitive than the other solutions we examined. By moving to teller capture, we are positioned to gain even greater efficiencies by enabling our tellers to stay in balance throughout the day, eliminating the end-of-the-day rush to scan and balance each drawer. Additionally, tellers will now have access to comprehensive customer information including detailed deposit and other transaction information, making it easier to answer customer’s questions in a more timely and efficient manner.”

Finally, the bank is taking advantage of a unique pricing structure offered by Bluepoint. Bluepoint launched a monthly pricing program that allows financial institutions to implement a complete teller capture platform and receipt processing solution for a low monthly per-workstation fee.

“One of the primary reasons we selected Bluepoint was the extraordinary customer service and support we have received over the past two years,” said Williams. “The pricing structure is just one more example of how Bluepoint understands the needs of its customers and is willing to come up with innovative and unique programs to help banks accomplish their goals. This type of pricing model allows banks like ours to leverage modern technology offerings to better meet the needs of our customers.”

“We are pleased to partner with Home City Federal Savings Bank to implement a teller capture platform,” said Hal Tilbury, president and CEO of Bluepoint Solutions. “There are several choices in the industry and we believe it is a true testament to our product offering and our service when an existing client expands and extends their relationship. We look forward to long-standing partnership with Home City and to working together well into the future.”