Going Paperless Releases Resources To Fuel Member Service

Bluepoint Solutions FASTdocs suite is rooted in credit union and content management best practices, and removes the busywork from serving members. FASTdocs is the only product on the market that delivers the precise functionality credit union employees need to perform their jobs better and faster. Browser-based for ease of maintenance and use, the suite includes modules for automated imports of electronic, paper, and transaction documents from the teller line. All content is available for real-time retrieval by employees enterprise-wide and directly to members, with easily configured permissions.

Credit union employees handle paper and electronic records every day and in every member interaction. So the way you manage all this content directly affects every employee and process you use—either draining your resources or freeing them for higher-level strategic goals. Each dollar spent on responding to members is worth many dollars spent on routine tasks. Streamline operations and differentiate your credit union by delivering faster member services with a truly comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

Read on to learn about the five components of the FASTdocs suite:



FASTdocs 5

Manage Your Content the Credit Union Way

A credit union’s success and its reputation revolve around its member relationships, so it pays to put members at the center of all your workflows. FASTdocs 5 is a member-centric solution to managing all your data—statements, loan documents, signature cards, email, even audio clips and photos. Credit unions create content by scanning or importing electronic information at its natural points of origin. The intuitive FASTdocs interface is easy for employees to use and readily adopted. All information in the system becomes immediately available anywhere in your enterprise, within appropriate permissions settings. Nimble and adaptable, Fastdocs 5 also provides a separate structure for operational documents such as human resources forms, employee files, accounting records, and board packets. Implement a solution built for the way credit unions do business, and watch member relations soar. 

  • Works alongside any core system
  • Uses a member-centric interface for all member information, eliminating data silos
  • Deploys in an easy to use, easy to manage, browser-based interface
  • Offers enterprise and modular options to accommodate any size institution
  • Provides customizable permissions settings to control access to sensitive information

File Import Studio and Batch Scan

Automate Data Import, Indexing, and Storage

Document and content management best practices call for the ability to immediately import and access critical data. Bluepoint Solutions offers two large-scale document and content import modules. File Import Studio is an automated import solution that processes all manner of electronic content in real time, offering unprecedented early availability to statements, financial reports, executed loan documents, and other long-form documents. Batch Scan is designed to handle large quantities of paper documents—ideal for credit unions with a large paper backlog. It can also support separate scanner and processor functions for tailoring specialized workflows. Both solutions help you avoid error-prone, time-consuming manual interventions in your workflows. Make the promise of paperless operations a reality for your credit union.

  • Creates new member files in FASTdocs dynamically, reducing manual data entry
  • Automates indexing, ensuring accuracy while reducing labor and reviews
  • Uses Document Templates, ensuring optimal quality and settings per content type


Deliver Content to Members, Online and by Email

Today’s members expect a variety of self-service options. WebShare connects your internal FASTdocs storage to your online banking portal, providing member access to designated documents at any time. Credit union can now easily serve their members who want direct access to information, and allocate more employee time to members who prefer personal service. WebShare also issues email notifications to members and can replace and improve your existing e-statement procedures. Complete your content management strategy and offer unparalleled convenience by delivering content to members where and when they want it—in the branch, online or by email.

  • Integrates FASTdocs member-centric file into your online banking solution
  • Allows your credit union to select specific content to share
  • Creates a cohesive member experience through advanced formatting options
  • Optimizes user time with responsive design for any desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Integrates email notifications of statement or other documentation availability

FASTdocs with DocuSign®

Integrate e-Signatures with Your Existing Workflow

E-signatures are convenient for members and enhance loan close rates, but every time a credit union employee must convert an e-signed document to paper for a manual step in the process, these benefits are lost. Bluepoint Solutions, in partnership with industry leader DocuSign, has married electronic signature with the lightning efficiency of FASTdocs. Credit unions and their members are assured the convenience of signing documents anywhere on any device, all without losing the benefits of hands-off document import and indexing. Start to cash in on the promise of paperless operation by using FASTdocs with DocuSign.

  • Provides convenient, 24/7 signing access within the document workflow
  • Transmits executed, DocuSigned documents to FASTdocs in real-time
  • Automates import and indexing, with no manual intervention
  • Relies on simple, one-time administrative set-up within the institution

Receipt Manager® and Transaction Manager

Improve Teller Operations, Member Response Times, and Business Intelligence

All teller systems produce some type of receipt at the end of a transaction, but printing a receipt is only a baseline function. Bluepoint Solutions goes beyond the baseline with two related solutions. Receipt Manager lets tellers capture signatures and identification, and can then either print or email customized member receipts. All this information becomes retrievable by any authorized employee at any branch. Transaction Manager adds enhanced research and reporting functions that can help you quickly identify strategic opportunities and make powerful business decisions in record time. Harness the valuable data in every teller transaction to not only increase efficiency and service levels, but to bring management decisions into focus.

  • Interfaces seamlessly with your core processor or your teller platform
  • Offers an email option for members, cutting down on paper and waste
  • Makes data available in real-time for research and member inquiries
  • Shares data directly with FASTdocs
  • Pairs perfectly with ImagePoint Teller  for complete transaction records

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