Self-Service is the Future, Right Now

Bluepoint Solutions’ array of member-facing check capture, payment, and paperless solutions are designed specifically to cater to your members’ needs. They let you give your members unparalleled convenience: depositing checks on-the-go, making loan payments online or from their mobile devices, accessing their documents and statements directly, and signing documents and loan paperwork away from the branch. These solutions help your credit union become the only financial partner your consumer and business members need.

Both merchants and tech-hungry Millennials tend to select the financial institution that offers the best self-service mobile and digital services. They want convenience, a smooth user experience, and security. Excellent self-service tools attract new members now, and drive loyalty and member retention in the future.

Read on to learn about these five business and consumer focused products:


QwikDeposit ToGo

Attract and Retain Members With Mobile Services

A strong mobile-first strategy, including remote deposit capture, is no longer a nice-to-have service but a definite member expectation. QwikDeposit ToGo from Bluepoint Solutions is a proven mobile deposit solution that can be integrated with most mobile banking platforms, and can be implemented either in-house or in a hosted version. Members can be assured their accounts will be safeguarded against fraud, and the system supports customized, easy-to-understand policies about member and transaction eligibility. Make mobile deposit part of your engagement strategy to attract Millennials and other tech-savvy members who may never visit a branch.

  • Gives members an ultra-convenient way to make deposits on the go
  • Secures transactions with user authentication and audit capabilities
  • Catches duplicate deposits so they can be corrected
  • Safeguards credit unions with customizable deposit limits and tier groups
  • Deploys as a standalone or integrated solution, either in-house or hosted

Learn more about our full suite of integrated item capture solutions here.


QwikDeposit Pro

Upgrade Service to Business Members

Your business members still receive many check payments from their customers, which means disruptive trips to the branch and delayed availability of funds. QwikDeposit Pro from Bluepoint Solutions is a mid- to large-volume check image capture solution that places multi-check scanners right at the business location. Business members find the system easy to use because it is browser-based and supports multiple accounts for deposit, yet it offers many options for customization. Help your business members focus on running their business, not on making deposit runs. 

  • Uses a simple to deploy, navigate, and maintain browser-based interface
  • Conducts automatic CAR/LAR and OCR MICR line repair to reduce manual repairs
  • Allows sophisticated business rules to set deposit amounts and transaction volume
  • Flags individual deposits for financial institution review before acceptance
  • Provides reports in third party formats such as PDF and CSV

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Enhance Member Relations and Accelerate Loan Payments

Indirect lending is one of the key ways credit unions build consumer loan portfolios, but receiving payments from members with no primary relationship usually involves large volumes of paper check payments. PayAnyware, unlike online bill-pay and account-to-account transfer services, gives these less-engaged members the speed and convenience of real-time ACH payments directly to your credit union. Using any leading operating system, device or browser they already have, members can schedule recurring payments or time single payments as needed—even make last-minute payments on time. Capture loan payments—and your members’ loyalty—with PayAnyware.

  • Offers automated e-notices by email, text, or from within home banking
  • Provides an easy-to-use Payment Portal that is more convenient than a member’s existing billpay or account-to-account transfer options
  • Brings real-time payment access to members, allowing them the utmost flexibility in making payments
  • Accepts imports from your core system, automatically matching payments due with payments received, and then posting payments back to the core
  • Cuts payment processing costs by replacing manual check handling
  • Supports desktop and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS) and all leading browsers (MSIE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)


Deliver Content to Members, Online and by Email

Electronic access to their financial documents is one of the self-service options consumers most want WebShare gives credit unions the means to deliver on-demand access that is ultra-convenient and easy to deploy. WebShare connects your existing online banking portal to your internal FASTdocs storage system, giving members access when and where they want it. It also replaces separate applications for issuing email notifications and e-statements, and it lets credit unions direct their valuable employee resources toward members who need personal service Complete your content management strategy and improve member communications and access in a single step.

  • Integrates FASTdocs member-centric file into your online banking solution
  • Allows your credit union to select specific content to share
  • Creates a cohesive member experience through advanced formatting options
  • Optimizes user time with responsive design for any desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Integrates email notifications of statement or other documentation availability

Learn more about our full suite of FASTdocs content management solutions here.


FASTdocs with DocuSign®

Integrate e-Signatures with Your Existing Workflow

E-signatures are convenient for members and enhance loan close rates, but the convenience is eroded if documents are not available at every location or must be converted to paper for steps in the process. These manual processes also drain credit union efficiency and take time away from client relationship-building. Bluepoint Solutions, in partnership with industry leader DocuSign, has married electronic signature with the lightning efficiency of FASTdocs. Credit unions and their members are assured the convenience of signing documents anywhere on any device, all without losing the benefits of hands-off document import and indexing. Visit the DocuSign website for more information e-signature. Start to cash in on the service improvement of paperless operation by using FASTdocs with DocuSign.

  • Adds convenient, anytime signing access to your existing document workflow
  • ·Transmits executed, DocuSigned documents to FASTdocs in real-time
  • ·Automates import and indexing, with no manual intervention
  • Relies on simple, one-time administrative set-up within the institution

Learn more about our full suite of FASTdocs content management solutions here.

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