2016 Conference, "Raising the Bar," July 24-26, 2016, Las Vegas, NV

Our first annual conference successfully combined information, new feature and product developments, collaboration about our roadmap to the future, and both formal and informal interactive events and entertainment.

Just a few of the highlights:

  • Disruption in the financial industry is not a prediction but already well underway, and keynote speaker Mike Kelly gave us gave us great insights into what's driving it, the pace of change and how you can keep up and compete.
  • FASTdocs Workflow was launched, and attendees got the exclusive first look at it in action. Workflow is the solution to wringing every ounce of value from your enterprise content resources. You'll use it to reform business processes across your institution, easily and quickly.
  • Our Showcase Speed Demos let us in on an array of product developments with enticing potential benefits for institutions like yours. Integration of vendors and systems is the next wave of efficient, cost-optimizing operations, and al the offerings we saw will work with your Bluepoint Solutions products.
  • FASTdocs and ImagePoint users alike shared practical applications and best practices of these solution suites, all of which is now grist to our product development mill. 

Bluepoint Solutions’ mission for the past sixteen years has been to help credit unions and community financial institutions cut paper use and capture the efficiencies of electronic content management. Reaching the critical mass for a national conference for our customers and partners was a key milestone for us, and we greatly appreciate the contributions of the many participants and attendees. Special thanks to our co-sponsors: Miket, Alkami, Advanced Fraud Solutions, MTS Software Solutions, Parascript, Corelation, COCC, Canon and Technology Happens.

2017 Conference To Be Announced

Stay tuned for new information about our next year’s conference, which will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

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