Reduce Losses, Stop Fraudulent and Counterfeit Checks

Check fraud accounts for up to 37% of deposit account losses, according to the latest data from the ABA. Reacting fast is the key to protecting both the member making a check deposit and the credit union accepting it. Bluepoint Solutions fraud and counterfeit detection modules are real-time services integrated with the ImagePoint and QwikDeposit capture applications. Tellers and back office staff are alerted immediately when a high-risk check is identified, enabling them to alert the member and apply an extended hold or reject the item. Avert fraudulent and counterfeit checks, reducing check losses for both your credit union and your members.

  • Validates checks against more than 90% of all demand deposit accounts in the U.S.
  • Identifies counterfeit checks using a single, consolidated database from the Fed, CUNA, IAFCI, CUNA Mutual, FDIC and more
  • Facilitates member communications by giving teller specific talking points when an item is flagged
  • Protects both the credit union and its members with justified Reg CC hold extensions

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