UMe FCU Increases Real Estate Loan Growth 30% Over Three Years     

Originally published by Credit Union Journal on March 24, 2015

By W.B. King

BURBANK, Calif. — Three years ago Burbank Community Federal Credit Union rebranded itself as UMe Federal Credit Union. With a mobile-first product strategy, the $165 million CU has realized significant market gains, including a 30% jump in real estate lending.

Tech Forward
Remaining competitive requires adopting new technologies, which is often a challenge for a small credit union. “You need to prioritize where your investments are,” said Robert Einstein, UMe CEO. “Member-facing technologies and beta security and protection have the highest priority.”

Last year, UMe FCU, in conjunction with Bluepoint and Malauzai, successfully launched a mobile banking app that resulted in a 30% spike in mobile activity. To date, the CU has 6,817 online banking members with 2,964 using the mobile app.

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