Ball State FCU Deploys Teller Capture and Content Management  

About a decade ago, the staff of Indiana-based Ball State Federal Credit Union (approximately $83 million in assets) faced a significant challenge: how to unify all of the credit union’s multiple, disjointed archives into a single database that would enable access to all types of data, and be searchable by member? When they were approached by Bluepoint, Ball State FCU had several different systems in place, resulting in inefficient and fragmented electronic archiving. The credit union had different databases to handle specific document types (e.g., loans, member applications, receipts) and each had a different method and flow for capturing and archiving the information. Accessing and retriev- ing member-related data was laborious, causing long delays when performing basic research on member accounts, or when responding to member requests or subpoenas. “After speaking with Hal Tilbury, Bluepoint’s President and CEO, about a mem- ber-centric filing system, I had this aha moment,” said Randy Glassburn, CEO of Ball State FCU. “It became clear that the best way to solve our problems was to consolidate all of our systems into a single platform. With Bluepoint’s ECM solution, we would have one platform to easily find anything about any member, all in one place. We compared the Bluepoint system with other systems and couldn’t find any other that could take all the pieces and put them in the same box.”

The Benefits of a Best Practice-Based Strategy

Ball State FCU began its relationship with Bluepoint using FASTdocs for electronic document management, which meant scanning all documents, including checks, at the back counter. The system grew to include Receipt Manager using signature pads at the teller line, allowing the credit union to capture signatures, archive the electronic receipt copy, electronically paperclip images of all the transactional cash items, and then print the member receipts. “After deploying FASTdocs and Receipt Manager, I immediately began to notice the benefits to our staff and members. Our accounting and research departments are now able to fulfill member and subpoena requests almost instantaneously. Our tellers can resolve most member requests right away without conducting time consuming research. Our members love it because they don’t have to wait to have their questions answered. And, finally, streamlining all of our disjointed systems into a single solution has reduced our costs and allowed us to pass these savings along to our members,” stated Glassburn. Ball State’s solution incorporates three of Bluepoint’s best practices for content management, developed after 10 years of experience working with over 8,000 branches.

Create a member-centric filing system: having a central repository for all types of documents makes it fast and easy for staff to access and retrieve information about member accounts from any location, enhancing member service and employee productivity.
Capture documents at the point of presentment: capturing all document types including checks, loan applications, loan documents, signature and identification cards as soon as they are presented saves time, and improves security and workflow as documents are immediately indexed, archived, and made accessible to the appropriate staff.
Keep content electronic, whenever possible: keeping documents in electronic form as opposed to printing them, eliminates the cost of managing paper and the risk that documents will be misfiled, lost or stolen and sensitive data compromised.

Branch Capture versus Teller Capture

In keeping with best practices, Ball State FCU chose to migrate to teller capture from their initial branch capture format. Tellers were already scanning checks at the teller window for archival purposes, but they were still processing paper checks. By selecting Bluepoint’s ImagePoint Teller capture solution, Ball State was able to take full advantage of the Check 21 legislation by automating its cash letter process and electronically clearing checks. “Electronic cash letter presentment is the most efficient way to process checks at a financial institution. We are always looking for more efficient ways to get the job done,” said Glassburn. When asked why he chose to go with teller capture, instead of staying with their existing branch capture solution, Glassburn explained, “Branch capture created extra work by requiring tellers to scan checks again at the end of the day. Since our tellers were already scanning checks at the window, integrating teller capture was seamless. We bypassed branch capture completely, avoiding the back counter work and the payment of overtime that often occurs with it. Plus, teller capture automatically indexes checks by member number, date and amount. When used in combination with Receipt Manager, teller capture archives the scanned check and receipt in each member’s file, so that all the transaction data is stored together in one place, a crucial function of our content management strategy.” ImagePoint Teller evaluates each scanned check image for accuracy using MICR/CAR/LAR and signature detection technology. With Ball State’s high- speed scanners at the teller line, there is little impact on the time it takes to perform each transaction. Any check alterations or errors, such as the lack of a proper signature, are caught while the member is present and before the check is accepted. By doing so, mistakes and fraud are stopped right at the teller line, eliminating the research of problematic items at the end of the day after the member has left the branch. Not only does this save the staff a significant amount of time, it also measurably enhances service. Members are no longer required to make a trip back to the branch to resolve transaction issues. “Teller capture was the smart choice,” Glassburn explained. “In addition to correcting errors and reducing fraud, our tellers stay in balance throughout the day, enabling us to better control when cash letters are transmitted for processing. We have nearly eliminated overtime pay for tellers and are now able to meet various deadlines for cash letter transmission throughout the day.”

An Integrated Approach

Ball State FCU’s ECM system is a comprehensive solution for managing all member-related information. As a result, it is as vital to member service and branch operations as its core processing system. By choosing one technology platform and employing Bluepoint Solutions’ best practices, Ball State FCU has scored a competitive edge, improved staff productivity and enhanced service for its university-focused membership. “We appreciate the ease of everyday tasks with the Bluepoint system. “Especially when we get a court order for account records,” stated Glassburn. “Before Bluepoint, we had to physically search for a microfiche copy, and who knows how many days that might take? Now, we rarely have to engage in lengthy searches. It’s all right there, filed by member.” “From a cost/benefit perspective, Bluepoint’s solution was well worth the invest- ment,” added Glassburn. “It is completely scalable and designed to grow as we expand our membership. Now that we’ve seen the benefits of an integrated capture and content management solution, we’ll never go back.”