How Altra Credit Union Targets Younger Members Through Mobile      

An aggressive mix of targeting and technology has helped the Wisconsin-based credit union decrease its average age and expand member usage.

Originally published by | June 8, 2015

By Marc Rapport

The average age of the 85,211 members of Altra Credit Union ($1.1B, La Crosse, WI) is 39. The industry average? 48.

Attracting and retaining young members has for some time been a brass ring in the credit union industry. So what’s Altra’s secret sauce?

“We knew members were starting to age out of the products and services we offer,” says Mary Isaacs, Altra’s executive vice president and chief financial officer.

So the credit union went back to school. It struck up marketing partnerships with colleges in the markets Altra serves in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Texas and sponsored financial literacy programs as well as events and sports teams at local high schools.

The credit union emphasizes social media, and its products include special youth certificates, student loans, and branded student credit cards. For the next stage of life, there are home-buying programs and products and services aimed at an older set.

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