The Future of Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is an evolving landscape that has noticeably shifted in the last several years. It is continuously impacted by changing consumer preference and behavior, differing approaches and solutions offered by industry players, and emerging innovations in the underlying technology that it relies upon. Two years ago, mobile banking was, in many respects, still in its infancy. Today, much of this has changed even though the basic question “what do we do now?” persists. There is sufficient data around consumer use that proves mobile banking to be a fundamental service that financial institutions need to provide.


  • The ubiquity of mobile banking among the key financial institutions in the country
  • The readiness with which consumers have adopted banking on smartphones coupled with the growing dominance of smartphones in the mobile phone market
  • The transition of how consumers access the Internet away from the PC and towards mobile as well as the market dominance of Android
  • The emergence of tablets as a distinct subset of mobile devices
  • A growing awareness on the part of consumers about the differences and importance of a rich and refined user experience

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