Cash Letter Processing

ImagePoint Foundation processed over 550 million items last year.

Image-Based Item Processing allows your financial institution to fully benefit from the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, widely known as Check21. It enables a financial institution such as a bank or credit union to create a visual image of a check and transmit it digitally for settlement and archiving. ImagePoint Foundation is the backbone of Bluepoint’s Item Processing suite. It is built from the ground up as an end-to-end Check21 paperless solution that benefits both financial institutions and account holders in several ways.

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  1. Check truncation at the source
  2. Reduction in expenses on a per item basis
  3. Elimination of costly couriers
  4. Conversion of non-image accounts to image-based accounts
  5. Elimination of item capture pass with incoming image clearings
  6. Sophisticated fraud detection
  7. Provides a value-added service for account holders by expediting check clearing

Item Processing is an integral innovation that financial institutions must adopt in order to stay competitive and attract new account holders. ImagePoint will augment your investment in legacy check processing, providing a scalable and fully functional image exchange solution.

Incoming and outgoing central image exchange solution allows you to quickly start exchanging images and take full advantage of Check 21. Bluepoint’s Image-based Payment Processing system is designed in accordance with the state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET architecture.