When: Monday, August 8th at 11:00am Pacific Time/ 2:00pm Eastern Time

Save an hour on your calendar for a fresh look at an evolving problem: check fraud. We'll dive into the latest trends in the fraudscape, and the latest solutions to protect your institution and your members from losses.

Session Details: No matter which check capture points from Bluepoint's ImagePoint suite you use today - including teller, mobile, ATM/ITM, merchant and mailroom - you can take advantage of our partnership with AFS to stop counterfeit and fraud in their tracks. This one-hour session includes:

  • An overview of the ways and types of fraud affecting FIs today
  • Discussion of how fraud prevention solutions and methods are evolving
  • A comprehensive demonstration of the latest fully-integrated solutions, expanding on the presentations at Bluepoint's Annual Conference on July 25 & 26 in Las Vegas
  • Upgrade pathways tailored to your current environment

At the end of the demonstration, you'll know how to map your own strategy for the next phase of this persistent risk, which continues to affect almost all financial institutions.

Session Length: 60 minutes

Primary Audience: Bluepoint customers.

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