Growth. Account Acquisition. Mobile-first. Digital Onboarding.

These are goals and trends driving change for financial institutions. Four out of five already offer digital account opening, or plan offer it within a year. The pressure is on to get there fast. But with high abandonment rates so far (35-80% according to MobileStrategyPartners) for digital opening, it’s clear that attention to execution and detail are as critical as speed. What’s the key to getting it right for your institution?

Get answers and information by joining us for a “how to” webcast event, featuring Senior Celent Analyst Bob Meara. Bob will help you understand the seven stages of customer acquisition and onboarding, considering current industry practices and the myriad opportunities for immediate improvement at each stage. Drawing on new Celent research findings, published in his July 2016 report, “Omnichannel Customer Acquisition 2.0: What it is and how to get there,” Bob will provide actionable advice to meet your immediate needs, while positioning you to scale up easily.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why understanding the stages of account acquisition matters
  2. What current practices are working, and what can be improved
  3. Why abandonment rates are high and what will boost your success
  4. How to pinpoint your next best step
  5. How to set yourself up for an effective, uncomplicated implementation

Jeff Lewis of Bluepoint Solutions will follow with a brief overview of OpenAnyware, Bluepoint’s 2.0 account opening solution, and the session will conclude with live Q&A with both presenters.

Register now and kick into digital-forward high gear. Omni-channel is almost upon us.